Where are you Growing | Marriage Musings

Over the years, I've been to dozens of marriage conferences and seminars, read every book I could get my hands on that even remotely seemed to offer insights into how to build a marriage that really works... and recently, much to my delight - a conversation with a friend helped me to find what I believe to be the Best Marriage Advice Ever!

I hope and pray that as you listen, you'll find breakthrough as well - as we continue to journey together and encourage one another in the Quest for Joy!

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Dare to Be

You can ‘Speak to your storm.” You are the one who has the power to and gets to decide that your storm will not destroy you, your family or your destiny. In this episode, I’ll share with you an experience that left me in shock and nearly speechless for days! Listen and be encouraged to imagine what’s possible when you find your voice and learn how to really speak truth to the storms in your life. I pray that from my journey - you’ll discover strength, faith, renewed hope and courage as you take the next tiny step in joy-filled living today!

Here’s a link to information about the “Dare to be Tour.”

Stop Trying to Figure it Out | Autism, Breñe Brown and Funnel Cake

Being members of the Autism Community continues to teach me and my family things that we never expected, including many good and helpful insights that we’re thankful for. Listen as I share some of the life lessons my son has taught me and how losing access to my Smart Phone inspired the creation of a brand new Tiny Habit and reminded me about the importance of making time to get real about what we're really feeling.

Here’s the Link to Brene Brown’s TED talk that I mention in this episode!

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Faith and Encouragement | Are You Listening?

Are you really listening to the people in your life? From strangers to coworkers and family members, in this episode, I'll share some tiny ways to become a better listener and to make connections that really matter. Listen and find out what an FBI Hostage Negotiator and a very unique Honda Service Shuttle Technician can teach us about the importance of learning how to really listen.