Healthy Things Grow


I started training for the 2017 Chicago Marathon back in April.  I love to run and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to run 26.2 miles.  I can’t remember where I read it but there’s a quote that says, ‘When it comes to running your first marathon, the person you are when you start is not the same person you will be when you finish.’  

I love that kind of stuff!  Aristotle wrote that, ‘Growth is evidence of life,’ and more recently a guest Pastor at my church simply stated; ‘Healthy things grow.’ This really caught my attention because training is all about growth - physically, spiritually, intellectually, and relationally.  As I’ve trained for this marathon, I’ve learned that to train, step by step is to really live, because to train is to grow. 

Everything I’ve done since April, when I decided to add a marathon to my story has been affected by that decision. What I eat, how much I sleep, and especially how I spend my time.  

The Bible tells us of how Jesus told His disciples that He is the vine and we are the branches and how in Him we live and move and have our being.  He also says, 'Apart from Me, you can do nothing.'   I appreciate this scripture on a whole new level because of my commitment to run this race.  The early disciples committed to follow Jesus and to allow God to train them every day to live their lives for His glory.  They gave their lives, one choice at a time to share His message of everlasting joy and hope.   This commitment to life and growth changed every part of their story.

So I’m wondering about you today.  What commitments have you made that are they helping you to grow each day?  Are you keeping your aspirations and the steps you need to take daily right where you can see them?  How do these commitments affect how you live, eat, sleep and spend your time?   

I hope and pray that you’re living life on purpose today because I believe that real life is about the journey.  And it's a growing journey, fueled by a faith that inspires others to grow as well.