Peace Innovation

Special thanks to Wesley Eland for this beautiful photo!

Special thanks to Wesley Eland for this beautiful photo!

Recently I was invited by a colleague from the Stanford Behavior Design Lab to be a part of a conversation about Peace Innovation.  From the first few moments of our time together I fell in love with the concept of designing real world interventions in order to create, cultivate and sustain a spirit of peace on a global scale. 

Much of what we discussed I can’t share here.  But what I can tell you is that this conversation reignited in me a desire to share what I’ve learned about peace and how important it is that we understand that peace must begin within the individual before it can spread to families, neighborhoods, communities, nations and into the world. 

Jesus talked about this when He told his disciples that He offers peace unlike anything that the world offers, and once we have received this peace, we no longer need to live out our lives driven by our fears instead of love.

Think about how many of us long for this kind of peace.  A peace that exceeds our ability to understand and allows us to transcend & thrive despite all of the adversity that life on this unpredictable planet brings.  A peace that swells up from deep within, and is so much a part of your identity,  that you have a calm that’s contagious even through a storm.

I believe that this kind of personal peace innovation is possible. And the key is through the cultivation of “tiny-habits” specifically and intentionally created to increase personal peace within, one tiny decision at a time.    

A good place to start is with a question:  What choice do you need to make right now that will sow a seed of peace in your life? 

·       Maybe it’s considering for the first time that there’s someone or some situation that you need to forgive and let go of?

·       Maybe it’s taking a 5-minute walk today so you can victoriously begin to end the deeply personal war created by choosing a sedentary lifestyle? 

·       Maybe it’s giving one item away from the garage that’s overflowing with things you no longer need.

·       Maybe it’s reading one Scripture out loud every morning before you begin your day. 

·       Maybe it’s slowing down and taking a deep breath, accepting that you are not in control.

The seeds of peace are always waiting to be planted and watered.  They are each as unique as you are, and in time - they culminate into the same fruit:  A deep abiding peace that affects you and everyone around you for good in tiny countless ways.

Peace Innovation on a global scale begins with the choice to personally cultivate peace within. One tiny, loving choice, followed by another.

What real-world, practical intervention will you choose today to move toward peace?

My prayer for you is that you will Be Brave, Be Wise, Be Present, Be Faithful & Be Kind to Yourself and Others.

•         •         •

“Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you. So let not your heart be troubled or afraid.” – Jesus

(John 14:27)