Faith and Encouragement | The Anxiety Cure

The statistics about depression and anxiety in the United States today are staggering.  

Yet often we hesitate to make time for deeper conversations with our friends and loved ones about the realities of this struggle.  Recently, I was thankful to partner with Dr. Christina Maki of the Fox Valley Institute at Pray Naperville to offer an invitation for others to become intentional, informed and honest about what's necessary for recovery from addiction, anxiety and depression.   

In this episode, I share a just bit about what I've learned over the years about recovery and I offer a simple tool that I call 'The Anxiety Cure.'  

I pray that if you're blessed with the task of being a wise encourager to someone who is struggling, that this episode will remind you that you're not alone.  And if you're struggling with anxiety, depression or crippling fear - that you will make the courageous tiny choice to consider what you can do to take your next step toward the light.