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You can never miss your chance. Your situation is not your destiny. Take the next step, believe again and be blessed.
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Life is an Adventure & Kindness is a Superpower!

Through my ongoing adventures, I've learned that Kindness is a Superpower, compassion can heal, and the hope that's found through faith in Jesus Christ leads to limitless pathways and endless possibilities.  

While you're here,  feel free to check out The Quest for Joy Podcast for some of my most recent discoveries.  Tech Adventures where you'll find some of my favorite Tech Initiatives & Encouragement Communications, a place to find resources for you or a loved one who's hurting and in need of renewed hope.  Also, feel free to scroll down to Around the World  where I share some of favorite memories from my ongoing global adventures.

You might know me from the more than 15 years of radio!  Most recently Chicago's own 'Karl and June Mornings!'  

Radio is amazing!  So much wisdom from thousands of interviews with people from all over the world and from all walks of life!  So much inspiration from millions of listeners and hundreds of guests. I've learned so much from you.  What an adventure!   I'm thankful!

Joy is an identity feature. It’s comprehensive, completing and eternal.

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Though I never could have imagined how it would manifest, I’ve always known that I was destined to explore and serve all over the world!

Around the World is a place where I share wisdom gained from my ongoing global adventures, and offer stories of hope to inform, inspire and celebrate what it means to be a part of this beautiful & wonderous human family. As you visit, I hope you’ll feel encouraged to join me in doing what you can to share hope, encouragement and love with others in your community and all around the world!


Coming Soon…

Puerto Rico

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Having gone through the utterly terrible experience of suddenly losing access to our home due to extensive fire damage earlier this year, my heart broke in a very personal way for those recovering in Puerto Rico and for other displaced families around the world.

In January 2020, by God’s truly Amazing Grace - I will join the 2nd Ginger Creek Global Mission team in Puerto Rico to help specifically with home restoration, roof repairs and trauma recovery.

In 2017, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. More than 3000 people lost their lives and the devastating destruction & catastrophic damage has left hundreds of communities still struggling to recover. With over 165,000 homes destroyed, thousands of families have been displaced or are living in unsafe and unsanitary situations. As of August 2019, over 30,000 families are living in homes with plastic blue tarps for roofs.

God has made a way for for leadership at my Church Home - Ginger Creek Community Church, to begin walking with Ground Zero Pastors as they continue to offer hope to families in the ongoing process of rehabilitating their lives, homes, and community.

Please pray for our team as we prepare, & you can partner with me financially by donating here. My fundraising goal is $1200. Thank you so much for considering and for caring.

Visiting friends at  WindFM  in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia!

Visiting friends at WindFM in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia!


Thank you for all who prayed and supported me as I partnered with Battsegset in helping her dream to come true! The Orphan’s Library provides a safe, fun, educational place to find friendship & unconditional love. To find out how you can get involved, visit FEBC.Org and ask to contribute directly toward the Orphan’s Library ministry or contact Battsegset directly through the library’s FB page.


A New Hope

(Yes, it’s a Star Wars reference. I couldn’t resist!)


One of the most inspiring stories I've ever heard was from a new friend, Battsetseg in Mongolia.  

After hearing a radio program called “Hot Tea” on WindFM about the love of Jesus, she and her husband decided to create a library for orphans.  

She sold his paintings on the streets for money and inspired her community so much that even the homeless residents were helping out. After meeting Battsetseg, I knew I wanted to join her and encourage others to get involved in this mission to share love with these children. Now the library has grown exponentially. They have a building and uniforms and hope is overflowing every day!   Battsetseg says "My dream has come true!”



Theovision International

A man imprisoned for years to pay the debts of his employer, singing praises to God for goodness and grace. Barefoot messengers on bicycles traveling from community to community to share hope that never runs out. Villagers who gather in Churches with no walls and worms falling from thatched roofs to listen to the Bible in their own language, thankful for the love and peace of God.

Everywhere we visited in Ghana, I met beautiful people with unrelenting faith. Reminders all around that when God gives a vision, nothing can stop it from coming to pass.

Trying out one of the new water pumps! One of many  freshwater projects made possible through partnerships  with Theovision International. This pump is shared by several neighboring villages

Trying out one of the new water pumps! One of many freshwater projects made possible through partnerships with Theovision International. This pump is shared by several neighboring villages

Every day, Theo Asare - Founder of Theovision International and his team works to share the transforming message of the Gospel in West Africa. They also offer ongoing training in sound engineering, radio, television, training, AV production, and health care services, including the newly opened Tree of Life Clinic in Accra.

“I know Lord, that You alone are God, You can do all things and no purpose of Yours can be thwarted or withheld.”
— Job 42:2

"To see the faces of the people when they hear the hope of the Gospel in their own language, and hear the stories of lives changed for good, it's a Light that shines through the darkness." - Theo Asare



Johnny Cakes!

My favorite conversation was with Mael. His joy was contagious! Having survived an illness from which he was repeatedly told would take his life, he loves encouraging others to remember that only God has the final say about the situation. He and his family live in a steel shack where they sell a popular homemade treat called 'Johnny Cakes.' He said, "No man is so poor that he cannot give, and no man is so rich that he does not have need. If I have two plantains, one is for my neighbor." Now that will preach!

Earlier that week, I met Wilena. This young woman is a Warrior! After surviving heart surgery with no anesthesia and the loss of her first child, she now spends her days encouraging others to never give up! Wow!

Click here if you'd like to to find out how you can speak hope into the life of a child in poverty in the Dominican Republic through Compassion International.

Dominican Republic

Compassion International

The Dominican Republic is a place filled with miracles!  There I met so many inspiring people. People who wake up every day with one question on their hearts:  "Who can I be a blessing to today in Jesus Name?"    

Top Left:Me and Mael. Top Right: Kiddos at the Compassion Student Center. Bottom Left: With Wilena and her son Antony.

Top Left:Me and Mael. Top Right: Kiddos at the Compassion Student Center. Bottom Left: With Wilena and her son Antony.

With great power comes great responsibility." - Uncle Ben ( Spiderman) 

As a Technologist specializing in Behavior Design, it's my joy to help Tech Teams build and implement sound strategies for ongoing success.   As tech designers we have great influence on a global scale.  This is why we must make sure that the products & services we create are a force for good in the world.  As one of my mentors, Dr. BJ Fogg, creator of Behavior Design says, I believe 'We can leverage persuasive technology to create more harmony among disparate cultures and countries.' Here are a few of my favorite tech initiatives, including my 1st App consulting project - TruePublic!   

Download today in the App Store or Google Play! WWW.TruePublic.com

In January 2018, TruePublic made '50 Startups to Watch" list.

In January 2018, TruePublic made '50 Startups to Watch" list.

TruePublic is a way to bring people together. Across the United States, we are becoming increasingly divided into our own groups.  It's a fun, safe place to bridge the gaps between groups of people who otherwise don’t connect. 

Our hope is that as we begin to better understand each other, we’ll be able to better connect with one another. What do you believe?  Where do you fit?  Who agrees with you? Do you stand with the bold majority? Or the fearless minority?  The opinions we're sharing and the answers we're gathering each day are bringing us to a new understanding of ourselves and others across the USA.  Join the conversation by downloading today! 


A Wise Rat

Are you the kind of person who avoids confrontation? At TruePublic, these are the kinds of conversations we love having with you. It’s good to spend a few seconds keeping it real even when things get uncomfortable.  That’s one of the reasons why we built TruePublic.  We've created a place where people are coming together, one vote at a time to see how our opinions connect to build our lives, our experiences and our culture.  

As we’ve examined thousands of opinions shared by family, friends, and fellow citizens of the USA, we're able to see clearly how even our contrasting points of view are helpful. The data is proof that the often reported divisions are not as wide as we believed and this tension could make us stronger than we ever imagined, if we’re all willing to do our part.

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A wise rat named Splinter once said to his oldest Ninja Turtle son, Leonardo, that when it comes to unity and strength for the team, “You shouldn’t want them all to think the same, it’s their different points of view that make the team strong.  A good leader understands this. A good brother accepts it.”*

So would you say that you’re the kind of person who avoids confrontation or can you appreciate the beauty that's born of diversity?  Do you realize the importance of every opinion you hold and preference you have?

Without your opinion, we have an incomplete picture of humanity and your value to our story is immeasurable. So don’t hold back, join the conversation today and Vote Happy!

We Are Chicago

Chicago violence is continually in the headlines.  The stories that aren't often told are of the heroes who work 24/7 to reach young people who are directly affected by this heartbreaking, dream shattering violence.  We Are Chicago was created by a team of heroes to offer a first-person view of what it's like for these families through this one of a kind 'first person narrative-driven adventure game using real stories.  You'll explore your relationships to find out the truth and uncover what really matters.'

'We Are Chicago is a strikingly authentic game for PC/Mac/Linux that strives to portray the harsh realities associated with growing up on the south and west side of Chicago.  Beyond the game itself, we are using the game’s voice and a portion of the proceeds from the game to help raise awareness and support two non-profit groups, All Stars Project of Chicago and Reclaim Our Kids. who have a mission to help curb violence and provide positive and creative opportunities to kids living on Chicago’s south and west side.'

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 Above all,  the hope is that We Are Chicago 'will create a deeper understanding, motivate and inspire change, and cultivate a larger conversation surrounding the issues of violence and income disparity.'

Get your copy today and please tell a friend!